Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens

Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens

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The Waterfall

So the man and I have started doing this date-day thing. I know, it’s disgustingly romantic and cheesy, and was completely all my idea. I do believe it was induced by an insecure moment that he was in fact about to leave me – proving that the years of Disney I have known all wrong. (P.S He wasn’t about to leave me, he was just playing PlayStation).

Anyway, this month it was my idea to head on a little picnic to the Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens. I had been once for a friends birthday, and it rained so I left – not much exploring was done. The 3000 hectare reserve in Roodepoort, founded in 1982, brags a nine year vote of being the best place to visit in Gauteng. I’d have to agree.

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Approaching the Waterfall

So off we trotted (more like drove) with our picnic packed and armed with reading material, this was going to be a day where we did nothing but eat and enjoy nature. It was perfect. The sun came out (cue Annie sing-a-long). The gardens were empty. We even made it to the Waterfall – which, if I am cliche, was spectacular.

I have to say so myself: this was a dam fine idea…

Things you need to know:

Entrance fees:

  • Adults: R40
  • Pensioners & Disabled: R27
  • University students (with valid student cards): R27
  • Scholars: R15
  • Children under 6 yrs: Free
  • BOTSOC members: Free
  • Pensioners: Free on Tuesdays
  • Please note: Entrance fees are more on concert days – see Events

Contact Details:

For enquiries call +27 (0)86 100 1278 or +27 (0)87 740 3639 or email

Where to find it:

End of Malcolm Rd, Poortview, Roodepoort, Gauteng, South Africa