The Harry Potter Tour…

The Harry Potter Tour…

Photo 2016-03-13, 8 09 29 PM

This is me on the Knight bus. I know, right!

To risk sounding like my grandmother, I remember discovering Harry Potter for the first time. My seemingly small world broadened exponentially from the two Tupperware-clip-cases filled with Barbies, to a world where magic actually existed. From the words: You’re a Wizard, Harry – my world changed.

The books are always better than the movies, but with this series I gobbled it up. I would work through my school holidays to save enough money for the next Harry Potter installment, power my way through it in less than a week, and start all over again. Sure, there are millions of kids just like me (at the time) who did the exact same thing. We lived and breathed all things Potter.

Photo 2016-03-15, 12 45 36 AM

Keryn & I in the Ford Anglia

So imagine my sheer excitement when I hopped off the bus in Watford, and stood in front of the WB Harry Potter Tour sign, at  Warner Brothers Studio: The Making of Harry Potter. Flip. What a treat!

I can’t put into words how amazing it was to walk along the Hogwarts Express saying ‘Anything from the trolley, dears?’, or see Hogwarts in all it’s glory. The experience is just a pure wonder. After getting through the doors and into The Great Hall, it’s spectacular, uniforms, offices, props, and The Burrow!!!!

You’ll spend hours watching the world you adored come to life. Don’t forget to hit the gift shop…

Photo 2016-03-15, 12 45 47 AM

You know you’d have posed the same way?

Photo 2016-03-15, 12 45 40 AM

As you can see, I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Note: If you find yourself in the UK hop on the underground & the overground and head to Watford. This will put you back £35.00 excluding train fare.