Lion’s Head

Lion’s Head

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I conquered the 2192 foot beast. That is what I’ll tell my grand-kids. The gargantuan wonder, previously known as the Sugar Loaf, gets the name from the uncanny resemblance to a crouching lion. A rocky view that blesses the people of Cape Town.

I am hardly ever up by choice at 5 am – let alone before 5 am for a hike. I got up thinking that day would be the day I would live, as the days that have come before it. It’s a tricky climb, or so I’d learn as a dull harsh reality dawned on me as I clung to the chains on the way back down. The beginning kilometer is steep and dark (think 5 am) and I’d had only accumulated a mere 4 hours sleep the night before and wasn’t in the mood to be yanked out of my slumber so soon. I piled into a car with my friends Con and James, and cousin Bianca. Surely, the laughs would save the dark mood I was in.


I stand by the fact that what Cape Town lacks in weather stability and lack of parking, they make up for in views, beauty, the ability to walk everywhere and friendly people. Truly a magnificent view as the sun rose over the Cape made the hike totally worth it – or was it?

Con and James have a YouTube channel (which you should so be subscribing to) and this was the ideal fodder they needed.


Things to remember:

  • If you are going in the summer months, go early – hikers/runners/climbers head out in their droves for this hike.
  • Pack snacks, water and sunblock.
  • If you are nervous, take it slow, enjoy the view.
  • Wear good shoes – running shoes or decent work out takkies.
  • Take a camera.
  • Remember it is free!

Where to find it:

Signal Hill, Cape Town, 8001

Let me know below if what your experience was on Lions Head below.